Imago Dei

(written and posted by a friend and former student…)

Every few days I returned to this blog, perhaps as many of Paul’s beloved friends – all of you – have as well. I’m looking for a message from Paul, a blog post, a picture, a beautifully-crafted turn of phrase that he so exquisitely created and shared with those he loved. Which was all of us.

We know so little about heaven, those of us here on this side of life. Paul himself once noted that perhaps it might be the place and timeless void where he’d finally catch up on his reading, but also admitted that even that idea, as compelling as he found it at the time, only reflected the limits of human imagination. Even that joy couldn’t approximate the abundance of God’s grace.

We can rest assured that whatever it is, something that surpasses our finite minds and limited language, a realm where suffering is no more – Paul is there. In the image and likeness and presence of God.

Paul Crowley, SJ crossed the infinite divide on Friday, August 7. Words are inadequate to express how much Paul is missed – and how much Paul is loved. Yet somehow I think he loved us all even more.

Santa Clara University will livestream a Funeral Mass. Please click the link below to attend.
Monday, August 24, 2020, 11am PST (case-sensitive if you enter the link manually in your browser)

Life truly does not end, for, surrounded as we are by the love of God, we live in real hope for a life transformed that dissolves all earthly bounds. What a gift, then, it is for those of us who are currently breathing to contemplate the Mystery that is greater than life itself—the unending nativity of God’s love that our beloved dead already have the joy of knowing.
(Homily, Feast of All Souls, 2 November 2018) )

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