The Selfless Ones

When Archbishop John R. Quinn of San Francisco died almost three years ago, he left behind many papers and books.  Tucked among them was this one hand-written fragment:

Where shall I find the Messiah?

At the gate of the City, Elijah replied.

How shall I recognize him? 

He sits among the lepers.

Among the lepers!  What is he doing there?

He changes their bandages, Elijah answered.  He changes them one by one.

* * *

At a time when frontline medical workers are the priests of our time, tending directly to the sick and the plague-stricken, this simple fragment hit me with special force.  Let’s pray for all of these generous, brave, good people at this time.

3 thoughts on “The Selfless Ones”

  1. Paul–

    Thanks for your thoughts. Things have not changed since the time of the OT. Who are working for their neighbors? Those who are poor, not the federal government or the rich.

    I am attaching a picture that has been one of the highlights of my life: talking to Pope Francis after having concelebrated mass with him! There is hope!



  2. Beautiful and pognant. I have passesd it on to many people
    Thank you, and you, too, are in my prayers….
    Nancy Greenfield, Catholic Community at Stanford


  3. Thanks for sharing such beautiful thoughts.
    Watching those frontline workers brings tears to my eyes. I worked 21 years in hospital laboratories often at panic level with a doctor waiting for final results for his patient. But this pandemic is a hundred times worse. I worry about PTSD for these people too.


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